Other Services Available Here

Who provides these services?

There are several other services which our patients can utilise which are based either in our practice or locally.

Many of these services are provided by our Primary Care Network (PCN). A PCN is a group of GP practices working together to improve health and wellbeing, and to address health inequalities. Most practices are members of a PCN, and we are part of Central Liverpool Primary Care Network.


3 days a week we are supported by a team of pharmacists. They can complete medication reviews over the phone, handle medication queries, and order prescriptions. Our pharmacists are Jackie, Manjinder, and YiWei.


First Contact Physiotherapy

An FCP assessment is an alternative to a GP appointment for all patients who present with musculoskeletal symptoms (new muscular/joint aches and pains). They will assess you, support with diagnosis, and provide expert advice on how to manage your condition. This may include investigations, injections, or referrals. 

Please enquire about a referral to the team at Reception. 

Social Prescribing

We have a lovely social prescriber, Rod, who can support you with socioeconomic issues, like mental health struggles or financial difficulties, amongst many other things. Please request a referral to him if you think it may be of benefit to you.

Social Prescribing

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Our Health & Wellbeing Coach, Chris, supports our patients in two main areas: monitoring high blood pressure, and weight management. If you would like a referral for some support with weight management, please speak to Reception about booking an appointment with Chris.

Health & Wellbeing

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC)

The LARC clinic is not based in Dingle Park Practice, but we can refer you to it. They can insert, remove, or replace the coil or implant contraceptives; all you need to do is complete and return the self-referral form.




Sleepstation is a clinically validated sleep improvement programme that can help you sleep better after just four sessions. You can Refer yourself online to this service, or you can enquire about it with our reception or in your appointment.